Baby Fresh Organics: The Busy Parents’ Go-To for Healthy Toddler Meals

Baby Fresh Organics

Baby Fresh Organics joins SupperBell in making your life easier by delivering a healthy dinner to your door that even the youngest family members will enjoy. 

It was about two years ago that my sister first introduced me to SupperBell when she gave me a gift card for my birthday. She swore it was going to be a life saver, one that she understood I very much needed. We were both exhausted mamas with two-month-old babes at home and older kiddos running circles around us. We were in those sleep-deprived early months of babydom, where just taking a shower counts as a daily accomplishment. And, there were many days when someone else just needed to make dinner. That someone else became Supperbell.

If this is the first you’ve heard of it, SupperBell was created by Denver chef Frank Bonnano to deliver healthy, made-from-scratch whole meals to your door in time for dinner. It’s kind-of like take-out minus the sad, wilted state that take-out orders seem to arrive in because SupperBell chills the meals after cooking them. You simply pick from the week’s menu, place your order by 3pm, select your delivery time, and turn on the oven when it arrives to heat it up. Even on my worst days with a squalling newborn and a rambunctious toddler, I could handle that.

I used up that gift card rather quickly and then became a repeat customer, a fact that is validated every time I place an order and they tell me how many orders I’ve previously placed. Let’s just saw it’s in the meal plan rotation. And, it is, indeed, a lifesaver. All the deliciousness of a home-cooked meal with none of the guilt that us busy moms feel when ordering out.

Fast forward to today when that newborn is now a toddler. Because this post isn’t actually about SupperBell. Nope, it’s about feeding picky toddlers.

I didn’t realize it at the time but my firstborn was somewhat of an adventurous eater. He would devour chicken sweet potato hash and lamb curry. My second child, not so much. He gives the side-eye to almost anything that isn’t fruit or some sort of bread with some sort of melted cheese. And, you can only alternate grilled cheese and quesadilla so many times without feeling like a total mom failure.

Enter Baby Fresh Organics for babies and toddlers…for all intents and purposes, Supperbell’s little brother. Baby Fresh Organics provides home-cooked, made-from-scratch, organic whole food meals for your littlest family members. And you can order it right there on the SupperBell website along with your own dinner.

Here’s how it works…Baby Fresh comes in four stages for all of your baby’s eating phases: Stage 1 is simple purees (6 months and up), Stage 2 is puree blends (8 months and up), Stage 3 is finger foods (10 months and up), and Stage 4 is kids’ meals for all ages. You can order an individual meal or a value pack of four meals. And, the menu changes weekly.

But, the best part is that you get to introduce your picky toddler to healthy foods he may not have tried before. Now let me just state that I’ve tried the route of preparing healthy and varied toddler meals myself. But when you have a picky toddler who refuses to eat the dinner that you just spent all that time chopping and prepping and cooking…well, there can be some tears. And, they’re not always his.

So, I relished the opportunity to have my choosy little guy try something new without my own emotional investment in the outcome. And, let’s face it…if I don’t appear to care too much, he’s much more likely to eat it.

baby fresh organics

Not even in a little bit staged. That pudgy little hand wanted a pancake and it didn’t care if I was trying to take a photo.

We opted to try the four meals to give the kiddos a chance to taste-test a couple of dishes at once. (My 5-year-old is obsessed with Top Chef and took his role as a food judge very seriously.) Our menu consisted of bison and sweet potato mini Shepard pie and carrot-apple-beet salad; butternut squash egg frittata, carrot ginger raisin muffin, and apple cinnamon sweet potato hash; spiced pumpkin pancakes with apple cinnamon spread and sweet potato turkey sausage hash; and turkey meatballs, cauliflower Alfredo sauce and zoodles with apple-pear-raisin compote.

We sampled over the course of two nights, and the turkey meatballs, compote, and pumpkin pancakes with apple cinnamon spread were the big hits (which I can verify because I stole some bites.)

I also thought the bison Shepard pie and carrot-apple-beet salad were quite tasty, but they were a little advanced for my kids’ simpler preferences. And, though I keep hearing other parents talk about how their kids love zoodles, my kids seem to sense that they’re made of a green veggie and won’t let a bite enter their mouth.

Now I’m not going to pretend that my 2-year-old gobbled up everything in sight and now has a diet to make any foodie parent proud because…well, he’s two and some days he’d only eat bananas if I let him. But, introducing him to new, wholesome foods…some of which he discovers he loves…is a fantastic thing. And it makes this mama feel a lot better about not cooking on busy nights…certainly better than if I placed a take-out order that includes yet another quesadilla.

So, Baby Fresh will go into the rotation with SupperBell. I’m thinking the cauliflower mac and cheese with carrot and parsnip fries sounds promising this week. Maybe we’ll turn that picky toddler into a foodie yet. Or at least get him to realize there are food groups outside of fruit and cheese. In the meantime we’ve reduced the mealtime tears–his and mine–and that is always a good thing.

Baby Fresh Organics is a partner of SupperBell and can be ordered online through the SupperBell website. SupperBell and Baby Fresh Organics are only available by delivery. See website to see if your zip code is in the delivery area. 

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Note: I received a gift card to sample Baby Fresh Organics for the purpose of this review.

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