Mother’s Day Series: Where to Brunch in Denver (with Kids)

brunch in Denver

Mother’s Day is nearly synonymous with brunch. Here’s a round-up of favorite spots for brunch in Denver (with kids). It’s the first post in a series on spoiling your favorite mama this Mother’s Day.

The thing about being a mom is it is soooo much harder than any of us realized going into it. It’s not that we aren’t happy we get to be moms…we are! But, that doesn’t mean that it’s not also incredibly challenging to balance life as a mom without sometimes feeling like we’re losing that person we were before kids. (What was her name again? ) We get so used to putting everyone first that our own needs get a little lost in the process. It’s why we’re always the last person to sit down to eat dinner (and our food is usually cold).  It’s why we don’t always realize we never actually brushed our hair today. It’s why we sometimes get to the end of the day and discover we’ve had to pee for hours.

But, on Mother’s Day, we actually feel like it’s okay to take a little break, if only for a day, and let someone else do the heavy lifting. And, we may even say no, ever so lovingly, to all of the demands of our families. On this day, we say, “Yes, thank you” to a little pampering, to a little relaxation, to a little indulgence.

With that in mind, I’m kicking off a little Mother’s Day series with some ideas for how to spoil the moms in your life right here in Denver.

First up…brunch.

Because before becoming moms we used to enjoy lazy, bottomless mimosa brunches on many a late weekend morning. But now…well, now we’re probably standing on a soccer field or maybe clapping along mindlessly in a kids’ music class. We might be running errands or scrubbing poop out of onesies or any number of mom-like things like that. But not on Mother’s Day. On Mother’s Day, we brunch. And, there better be mimosas.

Here’s a list of favorite spots to brunch in Denver this Mother’s Day…


One of my favorite Denver brunch spots, the Dazzle brunch is truly an event on any given Sunday, but it’s an especially fun Mother’s Day brunch. With live jazz and the largest brunch buffet you can imagine (they have an entire dessert table…for brunch!), a Dazzle brunch is an unforgettable experience. And, the live music means built-in entertainment for the kids. That and they’ll be totally geeked by the dessert table. I’ve been here on Mother’s Day and it is packed, so be sure to make a reservation. (There’s a $5 pre-pay per person charge for reservations.) The brunch buffet is $35/person and worth every cent. Dazzle moves to a downtown location May 23, so this is one of your last chances to partake of the Dazzle jazz brunch at the original location. Downtown Denver: 930 Lincoln Street (Moving soon!)


Brunch, dinner or late-night drinks and dessert, Duo never disappoints. It’s the definition of the charming neighborhood bistro. Be sure to start out with their delicious pastry basket (they even have a gluten-free option!) and whatever else you get, a side of their cheesy grits is sure to please. There’s not a separate kids’ menu but the ciabatta french toast or fried chicken biscuit sandwich (maybe minus the pickled jalapenos) will win the kiddos over. LoHi: 2413 W. 32nd Avenue, Denver (And, if you happen to be in Vermont, they opened up a sister restaurant there, too.)

Four Friends Kitchen 

I am all about the Southern food. Give me a plate heaping with grits, biscuits, something fried, and, well, more grits, and I am a happy girl. I confess, I have yet to check out Four Friends, but I’ve heard rave reviews about this place and the menu looks amazing. They have five (five!) types of grits! (Yes, I have a bit of obsession with grits.) And, there’s nothing like a lotta comfort food to lull the littles into a food coma, so mama can spend a little time relaxing. Stapleton: 2893 Roslyn Street, Denver. Coming soon to 2070 S. University in Denver.


We’ll be dining at RootDown this year where I’ll be ordering both the almond pancakes and the fried egg sandwich (the egg sandwich that puts all other egg sandwiches to shame) because it is hard to choose just one and…Mother’s Day, so I don’t have to. Although the avocado crab cake looks pretty delicious, too.  LoHi: 1600 W. 33rd Avenue; DIA: Concourse C

Sassafras American Eatery

Remember my love of southern fare? I often indulge it here. And, indulge really is the best word choice. The comfort food on the Sassafras menu is delightfully rich (I never plan to do too much after we visit) and the service is always spot on. If the warm weather is here to stay, be sure to grab a table on the deck at the Jefferson Park location…the perfect spot with the wee ones.  Capitol Hill: 320 E. Colfax; Jefferson Park: 2637 W. 26th Avenue. Coming soon to Golden!

Second Home

If you’ve never heard of Second Home’s Sunday Pajama Brunch, you’re going to love this. It’s a beautiful thing for any weekend brunch with kids, but that’s especially true on Mother’s Day. You get to enjoy your meal with relative leisure as your pajama-clad kids watch movies and gorge on their own little breakfast buffet of cereal, fruit and other snacks under the watchful eye of Second Home staff (and within sight of many of the restaurant tables). Now I warn you…the kids’ buffet is not as healthy as one may like. I once watched my 6-year-old nephew happily settle himself in to watch the movie with a plate piled with only M&M’s. But, hey, you can deal with that later. Cherry Creek: 150 Clayton Lane (inside JW Marriott)

Where’s your favorite spot to enjoy brunch in Denver with the kids? Remember…you won’t be the only one brunching on Mother’s Day, so make that reservation now!

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