These 3 Denver Apps Will Improve Your Life

3 Denver apps improve your lifeLast week the much-touted Go Denver app was released, which made me curious…are there other Denver apps that will make life easier to navigate? Turns out there are A LOT of available Denver apps.  Unfortunately many do not quite deliver the experience they promise. These three stand out, and they might just change your life for the better.

1. Go Denver: You’ll never be late for a meeting again! The brainchild of the City of Denver and Xerox, Go Denver was released just last week. The free Go Denver app helps you to choose the best transportation option based on getting there sooner, getting there cheaper, or getting there “greener.” Transportation choices include walking, biking, riding a motorcycle, hiring a taxi, taking Lyft, using Car2Go, taking Flitways, riding the RTD bus or light rail, or borrowing a Denver B-cycle. The approximate arrival times take into account how close you are to various transit options, such as the nearest Lyft driver or B-cycle station. The Go Denver app even tells you how many calories you’ll burn with each option. This isn’t the only Denver transit app out there, but it certainly seems to be the most comprehensive. And, I just love that we live in a city that recognizes your car isn’t always the best way to get around. Yay for multi-modal transportation!

2. Denver Playgrounds and Parks: Find out where all the cool kids are hanging out. I was so excited to find this app as I am always on the lookout for a good playground where I can take the kiddo because 1) playgrounds are free and 2) that kid needs to burn up all the energy he can. The free basic app lists more than 700 playgrounds and parks in the Denver metro area, but spring for the $1.99 so you can access more info. You can search by feature (e.g., swings, splash pad) or location. (Although the location search seems to still be a little buggy as my neighborhood park only 2 blocks away didn’t show up for my address.) The app allows you to mark if you’ve visited a particular park, as well as make notes for future reference. I’m not sure what the rating system is based upon–I found parks that we love that were rated only 3 or 4 stars, and I couldn’t determine why. But one of the best features of this app is that it shows quality photos of each park, so you know what to expect before you get there. This is also a great enticement for the little guys…browsing with me, my son started to get excited, “I want to go there!”

3. Childrens MD, Children’s Hospital Colorado: Know when it’s really time to call the doctor. Every parent knows that a child’s worst symptoms occur at 3am. Or perhaps it’s just that they seem so much worse when we’re bleary-eyed, and answers aren’t so easy to get: Do I really want to wake up the doctor right now or am I just being paranoid? Sure, you could Google, but that just makes you even more paranoid. The Childrens MD app, created by Children’s Hospital Colorado, will be your new go-to for this situation, and so many other medical questions that your kids will prompt. You can search the free app by keyword, or it will guide you through a questionnaire of which part of the body the illness or injury is impacting. The app also provides helpful info such as dispelling long-held myths about the dangers of fevers.  The Childrens MD app consistently receives 5-star reviews from parents whose midnight fears have been put to rest.

Do you have a beloved Denver app? Or do you use another app that makes navigating life easier? If so, please share below.

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