Denver Date Night (Two Ways) for Valentine’s Day

Denver date night in: Modern Love Box

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These local companies can help you put the spark back into your Denver date night, whether that’s a night on the town or an evening on the couch. And just in time for Valentine’s Day. 

My husband and I have never really made a big deal about Valentine’s Day. (Although he does frequently surprise me with an always perfect bouquet from The Perfect Petal. I’m telling you, you can never go wrong with The Perfect Petal.)

But, this year I’m reminded of something my mom used to say to me: birthdays are always a good excuse to remember why you love someone, and celebrate them. And, I’m thinking that Valentine’s Day is probably the same kind of thing. Especially when you’ve been together a long time and are juggling the craziness of learning how to raise young kids into (fingers crossed!) productive members of society.

Maybe after being together for so long, it’s more — not less — important, to mark occasions like Valentine’s Day.

The problem, of course, is a decade later we don’t have the time we had in those early years. Gone are the days of long conversations while we spent hours cooking dinner together and drinking wine…now replaced with a dizzying 20-minute dinner prep with at least one kid pulling on my leg, and even less time spent at the dinner table since we have to chase the 2-year-old back to his chair every couple minutes.

Evening routine now involves corralling, bathing, pajama-ing, and reading to two exhausted kids who are prone to meltdowns yet can’t seem to stay in bed. By the time one of us makes it back downstairs, we’re both pretty wiped out and can’t manage much more conversation than, “Is John Oliver back from hiatus yet?”

So maybe Valentine’s Day isn’t such a bad thing. I’m not saying you have to go all out with flowers and chocolate and cards (but it can be a nice surprise if that’s not your usual m.o.). I’m not even saying you have to actually celebrate Valentine’s Day. But perhaps Valentine’s Day is a good reminder to invest a little more effort in your relationship.

I know, I know…you already feel like you don’t have enough time in your day. And you probably don’t. So, here are a couple of Denver companies that can help with that…

Denver date night out: Denver Date Nite

Image courtesy of Denver Date Nite

Denver Date Nite

Denver Date Nite is like having a personal concierge to plan an out-of-the-ordinary-but-perfect-for-you evening on the town. Sure, at first you might think, “Come on. I can plan a night out for us.” But the real question is…will you? I mean, will you really plan a whole night out?

My husband and I often get excited to try a new restaurant we’ve been hearing about, and make a reservation only to find about two hours after our awesome (or sometimes, meh) meal we have a conversation that goes something like this…

“So, what do you want to do now?”

“I don’t know. I guess we could maybe go to a movie.”

“Yeah, but I don’t know anything that’s out.” After a quick Google: “It looks like all the movies we want to see started already or don’t start for a while. Should we go get a drink?

“Yeah, but that’s not going to take much time. Then what should we do?”

“I don’t know but we can’t go home. It’s not even 10 and the babysitter will hate us.”

“And, we’ll hate us a little, too.”

Yep. Because we used to be cool and do things. Well, we used to do cool things anyway. Sound familiar? So maybe it’s time to do cool things again.

I know I’ve read somewhere that trying something new together is a great way to bring some fresh excitement to your relationship. And Denver Date Nite can help by shaking up your regular routine and maybe even inspire a new shared passion.

You just fill out a simple online survey that includes questions like budget, the type of date you’re looking for (adventurous? pampering? new experience?), how old you feel, and a few other things, and for $39 they will craft a unique-to-you date night itinerary. They’ll even include helpful tips like what to order and where to park.

And, you’ll look incredibly thoughtful. Okay, you are incredibly thoughtful. But, you’re also incredibly busy. And, it’s okay to outsource sometimes!

Curious? Check out sample itineraries for the relaxed, crafty couple or the upscale romantic couple.

If you do want to plan a special Valentine’s Day date, it’s going to cost a bit more for the Custom Valentine’s Day package ($50) and require a little more notice (72 hours) because you’re not the only thoughtful, but busy person in Denver. (Or check out their Valentine’s Day all-inclusive package for $275.)

Denver Date Nite was founded by Gretchen Bartek after having two kids and discovering it really is a lot harder to get a date night in (though oh so necessary!). In addition to Valentine’s Day packages, Denver Date Nite offers a variety of packages: The Perfect Night Out ($39), Overnight Trip ($65), We Need a Weekend ($120) and Group Fun ($50). 

Denver date night in: Modern Love Box

Image courtesy of Modern Love Box

Modern Love Box 

There’s a reason we’re all suckers for subscription boxes…everything is just a little more fun when it’s packed into a cute little box and shows up in your mail. My husband and I have tried a few…Birchbox (of course), Mantry (for male foodie types) and the Dive Bar T-shirt Club (self-explanatory, right?).

So, I’ve been intrigued by the idea of Modern Love Box, which was created by Denver therapist Alysha Trujillo and her husband Aron to help couples re-engage in a way that’s more casual and comfortable than a therapist’s couch…a curated experience in the comfort of our own homes.

Alysha says, “Our box isn’t ‘therapy’ and we aren’t trying to ‘fix’ anything in your relationship. Rather, we want to conveniently provide you with the tools and inspiration to build desire, bump up connection and enhance your relationship. Why is this important? Well… because no one wants to be bored in their partnership and many couples get complacent and stop growing together.”

Just because a date night in is more your style doesn’t mean you have to succumb to a Netflix binge watch. Instead maybe you open a bottle of wine (or whip up the recipe-enclosed cocktail recommendation) and, you know, talk. The enclosed activities guide will keep you from talking about the kids or the leaky faucet that needs to be fixed.

Each box also comes with a guide to your “curated experience” as well as a few luxury, artisan products to make that experience more fun.

Modern Love Box was created by Denver therapist Alysha Trujillo and is available online in a quarterly subscription ($54/quarter) or a one-time themed box ($54). (Use promo code XXX for the Sexy Adventure Box.)

Whatever you do or don’t do this Valentine’s Day, let’s remember it’s not really about the cards and the flowers and the chocolate, right?

(Totally kidding…it’s always about the chocolate.)

Planning a more traditional Valentine’s Day? You’ll want to check out Funny Valentines by Denver Makers, Shop Local for Valentine’s Day: Buy Colorado Chocolates, Shop These Denver Card Shops for Non-Cheesy Greetings, and 10 Denver Florists the Locals Love. Also, check back next week for Valentine’s Dates with Your Kids!

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