Denver Mother’s Day Series: Give the Gift of Time

Denver Mother's Day: Give Gift of Time

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that the one thing every mother truly wants is…more time. This year for Mother’s Day here are three ways to treat her to a little time to herself.  This post in the second in a Mother Day Series for spoiling your favorite mama.

Every year for Mother’s Day my husband asks me what I want. Every year I tell him I want to have breakfast with him and the kids and then I want him to take those kids that I adore and go away for a while. He finds this amusing, but I know he doesn’t truly understand it. But that’s okay. He does it anyway.

I know I’m not the only mom to make this request. Any mom can tell you that the one thing that moms so rarely get is, quite simply, time to ourselves. I mean, my 21-month-old is furious when I shut the bathroom door on him for a rare private moment. It never lasts long…he breaks in and beams at me victoriously. I’m pretty sure he thinks I was as devastated as he was by those 23 seconds we spent apart.

So, this year, after treating her to brunch, give your favorite mama the gift of time…specifically alone time. Here are a few ways to make that time a little more fun.

Spa Time: The Gift that Gives Year-Round

Denver Mother's Day Ella Bliss Beauty Bar

Photo courtesy of Ella Bliss Beauty Bar

I’ve always been a bit of a spa devotee. And these days when daily pampering time is generally limited to a few minutes in the shower, a little spa time is an even greater luxury. Spa gift cards have long been a popular Mother’s Day gift, but I’m guessing the reason this is so welcomed by mothers is not just because of the pampering — although that is pretty great. But it’s also because when it’s given as a gift, the guilt we feel in taking this time for ourselves is alleviated.

It’s awesome if we are gifted this once or twice (birthday!) a year, but imagine getting this gift all year long. I recently had the opportunity to visit Ella Bliss Beauty Bar where I was intrigued by their unique membership model. For a $58 monthly fee, you choose one signature service a month (50-minute massage, signature facial, blowout or express mani/pedi) plus you receive discounted membership pricing on additional services.

Ella Bliss Beauty Bar was founded by two Colorado sisters who wanted to provide a venue where you could find all manner of pampering — massage, facial, blowout, mani/pedi, and make-up application — in one affordable spot.

Some day spas do quiet and tranquil well, but they can also do it so well that you feel like you’ll be shushed if you speak too loudly. This beauty bar has an entirely different vibe…the atmosphere feels lively and social. The shop is designed with manicure stations in one giant circle and pedi stations in clusters of four for easy socializing with friends. The traditional reception desk has been replaced with a bar, complete with snacks and a fun cocktail menu, with first-time guests given a complimentary half-pour.

Ella Bliss is the perfect place to go hang out with your best girlfriends. There’s even a social room complete with outdoor patio available for groups.

But it’s not all social. Down a dimmed hall there are also quiet treatment rooms for those services where an audience would be rather awkward…massages, facials, waxing. I was led to one of these treatment rooms where I was able to bliss out for the next 50 minutes during a Signature Bliss Massage.

You can purchase a gift card online for your favorite mama. But if you pop into the store to purchase it, you can also pick up a little something from one of the Denver-based Margot Elena lines, Lollia, Love & Toast or The Cottage Greenhouse. They currently have a Mother’s Day special where you receive a free 30-minute massage if you purchase a $58 and up gift card.

Ella Bliss Beauty Bar offers a variety of beauty services for both member and non-member pricing (i.e., a one-time visit, no strings). There are three Denver area locations: Downtown: 640 Broadway, Denver; Greenwood Village: 8575 E. Arapahoe Road; or Highlands Ranch: 3624 E. Highlands Ranch Parkway. 

Book Time: Joyfully Lost in a Stack of Books

Denver Mother's Day: Give Gift of Time Tattered Cover

I don’t know what it is about bookstores, but time always seems to slip away from me more quickly there. For book lovers like me, a little time browsing the stacks at our favorite bookstore is a truly indulgent way to spend a couple of hours. Especially if we actually get to browse somewhere other than the children’s section.

Fortunately here in Denver we have a number of charming indie bookstores to choose from…there’s the iconic Tattered Cover Book Store, of course, where the selection feels limitless. There’s BookBar on Tennyson Street, where we can also sip a glass of wine and order a little nosh. Or send her to linger over coffee at the cozy but thoughtfully stocked City Stacks Books and Coffee in LoDo.

If you have a book lover to spoil, surprise her with a gift card and — this part is key — tuck in a note that she is to disappear immediately to spend a leisurely afternoon loitering in the aisles of her favorite book shop.

Tattered Cover Book Store has multiple locations in the Denver area: LoDo: 1628 16th Street, Denver, 303-436-1070;  Union Station: 1701 Wynkoop Street; Colfax: 2526 East Colfax; Littleton: 7301 S. Santa Fe Drive; and DIA: Concourses A, B, and C. BookBar is located at 4280 Tennyson Street. City Stacks Books and Coffee is located downtown at 1743 Wazee Street. (Note: This post contains a locally based affiliate link. Learn more here.)

Class Time: Because Learning Is Fun 

Denver Mother's Day: Give Gift of Time Cook Street

Recently someone asked me what I liked to do in my free time. I don’t remember my response, but I’m guessing it was something along the lines of a blank stare. And, it’s not just because free time is something that I’ve become unfamiliar with. It’s also because sometimes I actually forget what I enjoy doing just for fun. Yes, I do realize that’s a little sad, which is why I love this idea.

A great way for weary mamas to discover, or re-discover, something they love is to not only be given the time, but also the dedicated space. Not that long ago my husband and I took a class at Cook Street School of Culinary Arts, and I couldn’t believe how much fun it was because at home I don’t really love cooking. (It turns out it’s a very different experience to cook when there’s not a little crying and hanging on your leg. I forgot that.) Taking a class, learning a new skill, or trying out a hobby is such a great way for moms to remember what they want to do for fun. And, gifting her with a gift card to one of the area schools will give her that chance.

A few other schools with a fun schedule of classes to check out…Art Students League of Denver has a variety of classes for artists of all levels and all mediums. Fancy Tiger offers classes for the crafty lady. And The Craftsman and Apprentice offer many workshops and classes for the maker-to-be.

Cook Street School of Culinary Arts is located in downtown Denver at 1937 Market Street. Art Students League of Denver is located at 200 Grant Street.  The Craftsman and Apprentice is located at 1325 E. 22nd Avenue, Denver. Fancy Tiger is located in the Baker neighborhood on 59 Broadway.

Where will you be sending your favorite mother this Mother’s Day? If you missed it, check out the first post on Where to Brunch in Denver (with Kids).

Note: Thank you to Ella Bliss Beauty Bar for generously treating me to a massage so I could check out their services.

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