4 Time Savers for Back-to-School Season

Denver time savers for dinner and groceries

Why I won’t be grocery shopping this month, and three more local time savers that will help us get through the back-to-school transition.

Why is it that back-to-school time feels so stressful? For our family, this month marks a lot of transition…our oldest starts at the neighborhood elementary school tomorrow (yikes!) after more than four years at the same child care provider. And, next week our youngest starts daycare. And since he already cries like I’ve died every time I leave the room and refuses to take a bottle, I’m feeling pretty anxious about it. Plus, I’ve got some exciting but challenging new projects on the horizon. So, at least until we find our new groove, I need some help simplifying our lives, and I’m trying to outsource whichever tasks I can.

Here are a few time savers (and the awesome local services that provide them) that I’m using to help keep me afloat this month…at least until the new routine becomes, well, routine.

1. Let someone else plan dinner. Some days at 5pm I just can’t make another decision, not even something seemingly as simple as what’s for dinner. But, if someone else makes a strategy, and especially if they can deliver the food, I’m happy to execute a dinner plan. I’ve blogged before about how helpful it was to use local meal delivery service Green Chef. I found it a huge help to have someone else plan and prep dinner, so this will be one of my tricks this month. The weekly service didn’t always work well with our schedules, but Green Chef now offers a monthly plan, too.

2. Let someone else cook dinner. On the days that I don’t have the time or energy to cook even a pre-measured, pre-chopped dinner, I call on Supper Bell. Or rather, I go online and place our order. This Frank Bonnano brainchild is a life saver when you need to fake a healthy, home-cooked meal. The rotating weekly menu is chef-created, and even includes kid-friendly options. Just be sure to order by 3pm, or you’re out of luck. (Psst…if you sign up for their email, you can get 20% off right now.

3. Let someone else grocery shop. Are you detecting a theme? Like making dinner, grocery shopping was once a task I enjoyed. But, it’s a lot less pleasant with a 4- and 1-year-old in tow. But Instacart lets me shop online and will deliver the groceries within an hour. Sure, you can choose from the usual grocery chains, but you can also select local favorite, Marczyk Fine Foods.

4. Let someone else read to my kids. Okay, I haven’t actually tried this yet, but did you know you can phone-a-story for free through the Denver Public Library? You can choose from stories appropriate for preschoolers up to 5th graders in both English and Spanish. It’s one way to not feel quite so guilty about handing over your phone to your kid because you need to buy yourself a little time.

Do you have a favorite Denver service that keeps you functioning? What time savers do you use to keep organized?

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