EcoMtn: The Newest Home Store in Denver for All-Natural, Non-Toxic Homes

EcoMtn home store in Denver

EcoMtn is the newest home store in Denver. This boutique in Northwest Denver is dedicated to helping you create an all-natural, non-toxic home. Personally, I just want to move right into the shop.

I have a new favorite shop. As regular readers know (and sometimes much to my husband’s frustration), I spend a lot of time hanging out in local Denver shops. So, I do not proclaim this lightly. But, I’ve spent years yearning for a local shop like this one.

Let me tell you a bit why…

I have a long history of using (and declaring the benefits of) non-toxic, all-natural cleaning products in my home. This started selfishly enough…I’ve always had a sensitivity to toxic chemicals. I can catch one whiff and start to feel pretty sick. As a kid, I could be upstairs on the other side of a house and know when someone was using a store-bought cleaner somewhere downstairs. I know my roommate in my 20s thought I was a little crazy when I insisted we strike a deal that we use all-natural cleaners in our apartment. (For her part, she requested cable. I’m sure she thought she got the better end of the deal, but I was happy.)

More than once I’ve walked into a house or store where I could smell the strong chemicals they used to clean…I quickly try to make my exit, often with a headache.

Fortunately today there are a number of ready-made products to make life easier. (I’m a big fan of Mrs. Meyers and Denver-based Humble Suds.) I also keep a large jar of vinegar and a big box of baking soda handy. But the thing I love about the store-bought, all-natural cleaners are the heavenly scents that accompany them. Not to mention the convenience of already made.

I’ve also been working toward creating a more eco-friendly, sustainable home. Last year around this time I wrote a post called 10 Habits for a More Sustainable Kitchen as I worked my way through my own home. I’ll admit, I had a hard time finding some of the environmentally-friendly household items I was looking for, especially locally.

So, you can imagine my unexpected delight when one evening I wandered into EcoMtn Home Store in Denver’s Sunnyside neighborhood on my way to dinner at Bacon Social House. An entire store filled with all-natural, eco-friendly home products! I was nearly giddy.

EcoMtn home store in Denver

The staff person gave me a quick tour. I only had a few minutes before the store was closing, and I didn’t want to keep them late, so I vowed to return.

About a week later I had a chance to pop back in, unencumbered by my kids, and spend a little time browsing. One of my dear friends recently moved into a new house and I thought this was the perfect spot to put together a little housewarming gift for her.

I wandered around picking up some old favorites (locally made Spinster Sisters candle and soaps, Bee’s Wrap sustainable sandwich wrap, a reusable ChicoBag) and even made a new discovery or two (Skoy scouring pads in fun, vibrant prints and re-usable soap nuts).

You could outfit most of your home at EcoMtn…organic, all-natural bedding and bathroom linens, non-toxic and recycled kitchen ware and table settings. I admired the heft and lovely simplicity of the recycled glassware and the beautifully clean lines of the set tablescape. I wondered if perhaps it was time to upgrade some of our bed linens to the Holy Lamb Organics eco-wool bedding.

EcoMtn home store in Denver

But, my favorite part of this shop has to be the DIY household cleaner station. Sure, I could purchase some essential oils and other ingredients to whip up my own. There are certainly countless recipes online, but it always seemed like I would need to source hard-to-find ingredients (where does one find borax anyway?) and felt like a hassle.

EcoMtn home store in Denver

EcoMtn home store in Denver

EcoMtn home store in Denver

Eco Mtn’s DIY cleaning station means you can follow the simple recipes to create your own all-natural laundry detergent, dishwasher detergent, and general cleaners, and make just the amount you need by selecting from Eco Mtn’s stocked ingredients. It only takes a few minutes. And, once you purchase a reusable bottle, the price for the cleaner is about the same, maybe a little less, than the store-bought products. I’m loving this concept!

Before leaving, I assembled a lovely little housewarming gift for my friend (if I do say so) and left with a couple of goodies for our home, too. And, I think there’s no question that I’ll be a repeat customer.

EcoMtn home store in Denver

EcoMtn is located at 4350 Alcott Street (303-993-5419) in northwest Denver’s Sunnyside neighborhood. Store hours are Tue to Fri, 10am to 5pm, and Sat and Sun, 10am to 4pm. 

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