5 Favorite Housewarming Gifts

(and Where to Buy Them in Denver)

where to buy housewarming gifts in Denver

Where to buy housewarming gifts in Denver?  Here are five favorite gifts you can find in local Denver shops that are sure to thrill your recipients whether they’re close friends or new acquaintances. 

My recent visit to EcoMtn Home Store in Sunnyside got me to thinking about housewarming gifts. I’ve always loved finding the perfect housewarming gift. I like to gift consumables whenever possible…in no small part because I’ve been on a mission to streamline our own home over the last year, and I don’t want to add extra clutter to other people’s lives either. Wine, edibles (no, not that kind), candles, and other items that can be fully used up make the best gifts, in my opinion.

And, it probably comes as no surprise that I also love to gift locally made products. I think it’s an especially nice welcome to Colorado newcomers.

But, the beauty of gifts like these is not only do they work equally well for both close friends and new acquaintances, but many of them also fit other life events, too…hostess gifts or even for new parents. (Just tuck in a little onesie for the wee one.)

Here are a few favorite gifts I’ve assembled through the years and some tips for where to buy housewarming gifts in Denver…

1. Irish Blessing Gift

where to buy housewarming gifts in Denver Irish blessing gifts

I like pulling together a handful of items to create my own version of the traditional Irish house blessing. Not because I’m Irish, but because I love the sentiments behind these very useful, and consumable gifts: fresh bread so you never go hungry, good salt to give life flavor, wood to give your home stability, a candle so your house always has light, olive oil for good health, and wine so you’re always in good cheer. (And, because…wine.)

I don’t think it’s necessary to overdo it either. I tend to pick a few key items I think the recipient will appreciate. I do love tucking in the cute little Mixture candles pictured above. Their fresh, natural scents are intoxicating and I’ve found them at a number of local shops.

Where to Shop: Pantry items: Cheese + Provisions (2432 W. 44th Avenue, Sunnyside), Denver Bread Company (3200 Irving Street, Highland Square), Hazel & Dewey (70 S. Broadway, SoBo), St. Kilian’s Cheese Shop and Market (3211 Lowell, Highland Square), Tony’s Market (950 Broadway; other area locations). Mixture candles: The Artisan Center (2757 E. 3rd Avenue, Cherry Creek), Bloom by Anuschka (1701 Wynkoop Street, Union Station; 2353 E. 3rd Avenue, Cherry Creek). Wood cheese board: Cheese + Provisions; Hazel & Dewey.

2. Eco-Friendly Home Basket

EcoMtn is a relatively new shop in Sunnyside that sells all-natural, non-toxic wares to create a much more welcoming home. I had so much fun putting together a little basket (see top photo) of non-toxic home goodies for a dear friend recently. (See my post here for details.)

Where to Shop: EcoMtn Home Store (4350 Alcott Street, Sunnyside)

3. Locally Made Foods Basket

I especially love giving this to someone who is new to the area. It’s a great way to introduce them to Colorado flavors.  A few of my favorites…Red Camper Strawberry Limoncello Deliciousness, Primo Blackberry Serrano Preserves, Oo Mommie Radish Relish, 34 Degrees Crisps, and Helliemae’s salted caramels. I’ve been known to make my own homemade bread, but I also love grabbing a fresh loaf from Denver Bread Company, too. Or a selection of cheeses and charcuterie from one of our fantastic local shops.

Where to Shop:  Cheese + Provisions (2432 W. 44th Avenue, Sunnyside), Denver Bread Company (3200 Irving Street, Highland Square), Hazel & Dewey (70 S. Broadway, SoBo), Il Porcellino Salumi (4324 W. 41st Avenue, Berkeley) St. Kilian’s Cheese Shop and Market (3211 Lowell, Highland Square), Tony’s Market (950 Broadway; other area locations).

4. Indulgent Candle

where to buy housewarming gifts in Denver HW home

A candle can be a bit of a luxury item. Most of us wouldn’t spend a lot on candles for ourselves, so a candle that is a bit of a splurge can be a fun gift. I’ve long adored these HW Home candles for their amazing scents, and find they make a lovely gift on their own. I especially love that they come with their own matches tucked into the top, and are made locally from recycled glass bottles.

Where to Shop: HW Home (199 Clayton Lane, Cherry Creek; also Boulder, Fort Collins, and Greenwood Village locations)

5. Trio of Locally Made Soaps

Washing your hands is so much more pleasant when you use deliciously scented, all-natural soaps. And, a high quality soap is especially important in Colorado where our skin is already easily dried out. With refreshing scents like lemongrass sage, anise orange with sea salt, strawberry champagne and rosemary mint, Spinster Sisters soaps are one of my favorites. (See my recent post here.)

It’s also an unexpected but useful gift for a family welcoming a new baby, especially if you throw in an all-natural hand lotion to keep hands moisturized. (Remember how often you washed your hands with all those diaper changes?)

Where to Shop: Spinster Sisters (2628 E. 3rd Avenue, Cherry Creek; 3070 Blake Street, RiNo; 908 12th Street, Golden. You can also find Spinster Sisters at a variety of retailers as listed here.)

Do you have a go-to housewarming gift or store? Please share it! I’d love to hear where you’re shopping, too!

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